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We are Heavy on The Self-Improvement, The Self-Love, and The Self Appreciation...

It's all about growth here in the tribe. 

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Fern Leaves
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We want to sustain a safe space for regular healing and
wellness activities


Workshops &


Our workshops are to establish an create an intentional
community with shared
values and goals




Provide tangible resource and
direction to live a healthy and successful life. 

The Alternative Tribe provides a safe space for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) seeking to engage personal growth, cultural development and community support through mobilizing a collective of local practitioners, community members and activists, faith leaders, educators and others who provide spiritual praxis, education and access to resources.

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Our vision is to grow and sustain a village that autonomously self-governs its own reality and future through acquiring education, land, skills, resources and infrastructure through community development. Our youth are ushered into each phase of human development with dignity, pride, direction and access to resources for creation. Our adults are all leaders who work cohesively to facilitate an abundant, communal environment teaching the young people to live and grow through shared culture, values and practices.

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Recognizing that we share a unique racial and cultural experience that often leads to stress, anxiety, and trauma without the safe space to address it, The Alternative Tribe purpose is to build structures that afford members the freedom to heal and be whole. We actively commit to creating a variety of channels to create new realities through radical truth telling, imagination and self-determination.

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All who come to this space, are sacred.

No members reserve the right to be toxic to the body.

When we heal ourselves, we also heal our community and our collective future.

The preservation of our union and its collective purpose is primary.

Our values and our products should always be in alignment. This is our testament of truth.

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Formally known as Rev. Carissa Rodgers

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A Radical Truthteller

A Champion of Liberation and Justice


A Visionary


Artist and Creative


A Community Organizer and Strategist


A Serialprenuer

A Researcher and Professor


"The Tribe honestly helps me get through the things life is throwing at me."

- Michelle Ignacio

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